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Gestaltor 2022.2.0


  • Assign XMP packets to glTF elements
  • Import JSON-LD files as new KHR_xmp_json_ld packets
  • Generate texture coordinates
  • Modify camera exposure (logarithmic)
  • Modify IBL intensity (logarithmic)
  • Copy and paste colors via context menu
  • Define naming of binary files in preferences
  • Remove animations from nodes
  • Material import now detects U3M textures


  • Prevent URI collision when merging glTFs
  • Harmonize use of color pickers
  • Update to latest KHR_materials_iridescence version
  • Improved widget positioning on multiscreen setup
  • Fixed calculation of normals when applying transform-operation
  • Improved robustness of handling invalid files
  • Removed “_minified” file extension
  • Fixed conversion of primitives to meshes without node
  • Fixed focus node action
  • Fixed duplication of XMP references
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Gestaltor 2022.1.0


  • Edit morph target weights
  • Import options for new file formats (3ds, dxf, fbx, ply, stl, x3d, glTF 1.0)
  • Duplicate images
  • Edit copyright property 
  • Possibility to unset default scene


  • Prevent crash when resizing widgets
  • Prevent file dialogs from becoming unresponsive on Mac
  • Prevent crash when merging assets with material variants
  • Prevent crash when editing images in external software
  • Update to latest KHR_materials_iridescence version
  • Fixed OpenGL errors
  • Create mipmaps for texture filtering
  • Improved support for valid URIs
  • Fixed issue for compressed textures in combination with mipmaps
  • Unlit materials no longer ignore tone mapping
  • Copy and paste actions no longer disabled after selection from content
  • Fixed availability of certain actions directly at startup
  • Undo steps no longer erase scenes
  • Meshes created with “create Mesh” action are now reliably added to scene
  • Improved image preview
  • Removed unnecessary warnings
  • Editing images in external software no longer produces multiple undo steps
  • Enabling and disabling animations no longer causes glTF modified state
  • Fixed issue with transmission in metallic materials
  • Fixed bug where skins and bone gizmos sometimes disappear in the viewport
  • Removed option to create multiple meshes from one mesh with morph targets
  • Pop-Ups no longer stay in front of all programs
  • Fixed issues where some glTFs were not shown correctly
  • Removed possibility to create rotation animations with invalid rotation axis
  • Skin changes no longer break animations
  • Additional small UX problems fixed
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Gestaltor 2021.7.0


  • Support for KHR_materials_iridescence (experimental)
  • Support for KHR_materials_emissive_strength (experimental)
  • Support for complex assets consisting of a high number of morph targets/joints/weights
  • Handling of texcoord and color morph target attributes
  • Revisited material debug views
  • Import PBR images to a glTF 2.0 material
  • Modify textures by integrating external tools
  • Convert specular-glossiness to metallic-roughness
  • Optimize animations
  • Store minified glTF file
  • Option to recalculate indices before applying Draco mesh compression
  • Improved selection outline rendering
  • Integrated latest KHR_materials_specular specification changes


  • Memory leak with transmissive assets
  • Crash on rare occasions after switching render mode and loading a different asset
  • Draco mesh compression on shared accessors
  • Crash on undo after converting image
  • Rearranging nodes did not reflect glTF on rare occasions
  • Adding a camera from view doesn’t match viewport camera
  • KTX2 UASTC compression popup shows wrong parameters
  • Multiple scenes should be able to contain the same root nodes
  • CLI parameter handling
  • Uniform scaling in viewport
  • Handling of special characters in USDZ export
  • Handling of textures without source
  • Broken wireframe when meshes share material
  • Interleaved data is duplicated on save
  • Crash on deletion of referenced textures
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Gestaltor 2021.6.0


  • Viewport resolution presets
  • Display Bounding Boxes in the Viewport
  • Display Joints in the Viewport
  • Generate basic Animation
  • Generate basic Meshes
  • Save statistics as CSV
  • Delete all animations
  • Display extents of geometry
  • Split primitives into several meshes
  • Apply Transform
  • Option to write autogenerated property names to file


  • Transmission texture has no effect
  • File extension not being displayed in Save dialog in some cases
  • Issue when changing the currently active camera in render mode in Inspector
  • Opening new glTF via Drag and Drop may not ask to save unsaved changes in some cases
  • Issue when inspecying meshes without min/max values in the glTF
  • Updated Qt Installer Framework to include QTIFW-2137
  • Gizmo icons not being hidden by Hierarchy hide action
  • An issue with importing images on Windows
  • Changing lights from point to spot clears values in spot property
  • Shading and Wireframe modes may become disabled after switching from Render Mode
  • The asset may become invalid after removing Draco Mesh Compression
  • Speed of free flight camera mode
  • Pro badge in menu not optimized for retina resolutions
  • Unlit materials having issues with mask alpha mode
  • Small differences in camera fitting between perspective and orthographic cameras
  • Integrated fixes from KHRONOS glTF-Sample-Viewer
  • Mesh Inspector not opening in some cases
  • Some popups become squished after changing properties
  • Misleading feedback when OpenGL cannot be initialized
  • CTRL+V not working in Viewport
  • Normal & Tangent data sometimes being saved without normalization
  • Animations influence rendering output even if disabled
  • Animation target not modifiable in some cases
  • Animation target changes are sometimes not reflected in the animation dropdown
  • Inconsistent animation playtimes
  • Animation target changes sometimes not reflected in Hierarchy
  • World and local space toggle sometimes not working
  • Focus selected node not always adjusting camera parameters properly
  • Titlebar is sometimes not being restored after fullscreen.
  • Possibility to set animation accessor component types to breaking values
  • Primitive size not being updated after removing attributes
  • Actions for switching projection mode are disabled in render mode
  • Perspective ZNear plane in Inspector can show incorrect value
  • Import resetting viewport focus
  • Wireframe mode sometimes being activated by undoing
  • Selection is lost when clicking on an Orientation Cube face
  • Missing feedback after removing all nodes in some cases
  • Disabled spinboxes becoming hard to read
  • Meshes with morph targets break with vertex clustering