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Gestaltor 2022.2.0


  • Assign XMP packets to glTF elements
  • Import JSON-LD files as new KHR_xmp_json_ld packets
  • Generate texture coordinates
  • Modify camera exposure (logarithmic)
  • Modify IBL intensity (logarithmic)
  • Copy and paste colors via context menu
  • Define naming of binary files in preferences
  • Remove animations from nodes
  • Material import now detects U3M textures


  • Prevent URI collision when merging glTFs
  • Harmonize use of color pickers
  • Update to latest KHR_materials_iridescence version
  • Improved widget positioning on multiscreen setup
  • Fixed calculation of normals when applying transform-operation
  • Improved robustness of handling invalid files
  • Removed “_minified” file extension
  • Fixed conversion of primitives to meshes without node
  • Fixed focus node action
  • Fixed duplication of XMP references