Gestaltor is the first visual glTF editor which allows you to natively work with the format and all Khronos standard extensions.

Gestaltor provides you with a powerful interface to massively speed up your workflows. Unleash the true power of glTF in its native environment, true to all Khronos glTF standards. Directly view, inspect, edit, optimize and compose your glTFs exported from any content creation tool and gear them up for deployment in any engine or viewer.

Help us to develop the best tool for you and your glTF related needs! Now is your chance to mold the evolution of Gestaltor. Test our Beta version and give us feedback about our features and your experience with Gestaltor.

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30 Days Free
Gestaltor Zitronensorbet Professional Windows
Version: 2020.3.1

Check out the recent release notes.

The current version of the CheatSheet can be downloaded here.

Tutorial videos can be found here.

Minimum requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10, Ubuntu 20.04, MacOS 10.15
  • CPU: 2.0 Ghz Dual Core
  • GPU: GeForce 400 series, Radeon HD 5000 series or similar
  • GPU Memory: 1.0 GB VRAM
  • System Memory: 8.0 GB RAM
  • Storage: 200 MB free disk space
  • Display: Resolution of 1366 x 768

View files all safe and sound!

Finally, open your files in a reliable offline tool. No more uploading! Just double click any glTF/glb file to instantly open it in Gestaltor. Use the flexible lighting environment to present your files, no matter whether you are working on Windows, Mac or Linux!
View and verify your assets in the Khronos glTF standard real-time renderer to have a consistent look that also supports all Khronos standard extensions . All 100% glTF, WYSIWYG!

Inspect files down to the bones!

Discover the glTF format and find its full content stripped in a nice visual breakdown. Including every bit of a glTF’s asset structure, from nodes and samplers, over lights and cameras, to joints and animations.
Have a deep look into the details and inspect every single property glTF has to offer!
Thanks to multiple visualization modes and proper representation in UI and rendering, debugging your glTF has never been more convenient.

Edit all you want!

You are done editing text files? Start working in a fully visual interface!
Easily modify every property of each single glTF component with instant results. Tweak materials, change textures, adjust values or redo your scene completely. Gestaltor now empowers you to do everything you never dared!

Getting tons of export issues when converting assets into glTF? Fix them up with Gestaltor in a completely native environment!

Compose scenes inside glTF!

With Gestaltor, simple glTF files are not the end of the workflow pipeline anymore! You can now merge multiple glTFs into one scene and create new compositions, completely inside a glTF proven environment.
This even including setting up cameras and lighting.
This not only means importing content from several files, but also creating new glTF files from scratch by creating your node hierarchy and assets directly in Gestaltor.

Optimize content to your needs!

Fine tune files to your personal use case with the powerful editing tools of Gestaltor! Clean up files by deleting unnecessary nodes, duplicated textures or even by reducing/deflating some of them to a single value instead.
All of this can have a major impact on your loading and execution times.
Take control, build/forge a strategy and go for it! Gestaltor has your back and ensures to always export a valid, clean file without any unused data or legacy stuff.
Even ordinary restructuring and renaming will bring major benefits to your team’s workflow and can now be done more easily than ever!

There is a lot of improvement and enhancement coming up for Gestaltor. Stay tuned for new features,
content and bug fixes. Here is a rough overview about the topics that will be tackled next.

Open Beta

  • Undo & redo
  • Viewport gizmos & helpers
  • Drag & drop from filesystem
  • Enhanced glTF content importing and management

Official Launch (end of Q2/2020)

  • Support for new Khronos glTF extensions
    • glTF PBR Next rendering
  • Import for additional file formats

Quarterly updates

The backlog of topics and features is constantly expanded by your feedback and updates are delivered to you on a quarterly basis. The concept is about a living, agile construction to fully support any of your future needs with the glTF format and to always be up to date with the current specifications and tech. Get Gestaltor and be part of the evaluation now!