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Gestaltor 2022.3.0


  • KHR_audio extension – Added experimental support for the KHR_audio extension. You can now import audio files and create glTFs with global and spatial audio emitter objects. Experience Gestaltor’s new 3D audio rendering by attaching audio emitters to 3D nodes.
  • KHR_animation_pointer extension – Added experimental support for the KHR_animation_pointer extension (Basic editing for now). Animations can now target any value in the glTF and are no longer limited to nodes. KHR_animation_pointer even allows animating values of other extensions which means that you can now animate, for example, the color of a punctual light.
  • Gestaltor Community now gives you complete access to all Gestaltor Professional features and actions. You can use it for files of up to 2 MB.


  • Fix loading of interleaved Accessors
  • Fix invalid URIs in embedded glTF after saving
  • Extensions and Extras properties are now properly saved in XMP and material variants objects
  • ByteStride property not set anymore for Accessors that carry animation data
  • Fix cases where glTF consisting of multiple files can not be loaded on MacOS
  • Fix crash in specific cases when Gestaltor encounters unknown extensions
  • Generation of texture coordinates no longer causes an invalid glTF to be saved
  • Rotation gizmo no longer accidentally moves a target when selecting it
  • After merging two glTF, XMP references are now correctly updated
  • Changing the ComponentType of an Accessor now handles padding correctly depending on the referenced data
  • Adding an unused KHR_materials_variants extension to a primitive no longer produces an invalid glTF when saving
  • Extensions removed from the glTF will no longer be stored under “ExtensionsUsed” when saving
  • When resolving KHR_mesh_quantization, morph targets are now also handled
  • Fix rendering of glTF that make use of KHR_mesh_quantization together with morphing
  • Skin and bone viewport gizmos are now updated when the corresponding glTF properties are removed
  • Rendering of KHR_materials_volume is fixed for ThicknessFactor values of 0
  • Disabling IBL now disables transmission of IBL information using KHR_materials_transmission
  • Sparse Accessors are now handled correctly when using the “Apply Transform” functionality in the Node Inspector
  • Sparse Accessor are now handled correctly when changing the ComponentType property
  • Adding a node to a scene does not remove it as a root node from any other scenes anymore
  • Several UI improvements