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Gestaltor 2020.3.0 Beta


  • Added new shortcuts
  • Menu bar additions
  • Experimental support for KTX2 images
  • Set and unset properties in the glTF
  • Update notifications
  • Added menu bar item to open recent files
  • Added support for unknown extensions and extras


  • Dialog boxes are more comprehensive
  • Improved performance on high resolutions
  • Lowered VRAM requirements


  • Version description
  • Crash when exceeding maximum light count
  • Spelling
  • Color picker color space not matching render view
  • Animation slider being stuck
  • Gizmo size in orthographic mode
  • Sparse Accessor save and load
  • Opened asset discarded when opening new asset
  • Timeline design
  • Content doesn’t update when importing a file
  • Artifacts when gltf loaded two times
  • Dropdown menus
  • Setting emissive color with color picker
  • Crash when importing assets with draco mesh compression
  • Nodes in empty scene not shown in viewport
  • Support for Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.04
  • Scenes being incorrectly set as default scene
  • Specular Glossiness being saved as null in glTF
  • Information loss when disabling specular glossiness
  • Small fixes in viewport UI
  • A bug with animations when switching scenes
  • A crash while duplicating animations