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Gestaltor 2020.2.1 Alpha


  • Translation, rotation and scale of nodes can now be edited directly in the viewport
  • Introduced .gestalt project file where invalid states can be saved and reloaded later
  • Edit->Clean Up removes all unused objects automatically
  • Users can provide their own KTX2 environments for IBL
  • Draco compressed assets can be edited and saved without losing the compression
  • Support for sparse accessors
  • Support for KHR_mesh_quantization
  • Users can edit texture transform settings
  • Smooth zooming using Alt+RMB
  • Camera “sprint” when holding Shift
  • Simplified camera controls for Render Mode
  • Session logs are saved to a file in the temp directory
  • Now working on MacOS 10.14 “Mojave”
  • Now working on Ubuntu 18.04 “Bionic Beaver”
  • Now working on Debian 10 “Buster”


  • Undo/redo accumulates continuous changes
  • Separated accessors from primitives in the inspector
  • Less verbose logging


  • Various bugs that led to invalid glTFs being saved
  • 3D gizmo bug where the icons would change depending on the view distance/angle
  • 3D gizmos not being shown if no node with a mesh is in the scene
  • 3D gizmos not being shown in orthographic mode
  • Animation slider not being reset when loading or creating another glTF
  • User camera being reset when using undo/redo
  • Bug where deleted images weren’t restored with undo