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Gestaltor 2020.3.1 Beta


  • Support for the experimental KHR_materials_specular extension
  • Support for the experimental KHR_materials_sheen extension
  • Support for the experimental KHR_materials_transmission extension
  • Support for the experimental KHR_materials_ior extension
  • Automatic handling of conflicting extensions
  • Support for fractional display scaling
  • Intensity setting for environment illumination
  • Orientation setting for environment map
  • Importing of .hdr files as lighting environment
  • Global setting to disable punctual lights
  • Preferences window:
    – General settings
    – Render view color settings (clear, selection, wireframe color)
    – Gizmo scaling
    – Camera navigation settings


  • Log messages
  • Made Inspector horizontally scrollable to improve usability in combination with high display scaling values
  • Context menus
  • Lighting settings interface
  • Warn user if texture is missing in a texture info object
  • Selection in hierarchy and content
  • Conflicting render states between Hierarchy and debug mode
  • Node modes UI in Hierarchy
  • Copy/paste in Hierarchy
  • Recent files menu
  • Handling of existing resource files during saving


  • UX3D extensions stored in glTF/glb
  • Mirrored camera billboard
  • Open Recent creates a new “Untitled” file
  • Unsetting colors not working
  • Visual bug showing primitives wrongly
  • Highlighting in render mode
  • Inconsistent arrow icon sizes
  • Multiple loading of sample asset
  • Opening and storing of minimal glTF
  • Inverted camera controls at extreme points
  • Layout at first start differs from default layout
  • Undocked widgets not showing resize-cursor
  • Degrading of icons while switching between different display scalings
  • Picking not working in some render modes
  • Transfrom matrices not updated correctly after import
  • Crash while copy/pasting in Hierarchy
  • Rounding in double spinboxes
  • Broken combobox on macOS
  • Saving on Linux not appending correct file ending
  • Camera perspective button showing the wrong state after loading
  • Inconsistent undo/redo after reparenting nodes in Hierarchy view