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Gestaltor 2020.2.0 Alpha


  • Drag and drop files into Gestaltor to open
  • Undo/redo controls
  • Copy/cut/paste nodes in the Hierarchy
  • Option to disable image based lighting
  • Lights are visible and selectable in the Viewport
  • Objects referenced in the Inspector can be highlighted in the Content
  • Orthographic user camera
  • Support for loading assets with KHR_draco_mesh_compression, saving is still uncompressed
  • References can be added/removed/updated directly in the inspector without using drag and drop
  • Disabled drag and drop in/from the Content
  • Gestaltor automatically loads a sample asset that can also be found in the ‘File’ menu
  • Selected Nodes can be removed from the scene directly in the viewport using Del
  • All extensions are now explicitly marked
  • Full support for the KHR_materials_clearcoat extension


  • Various UI fixes
  • Objects can now be focussed when the Viewport is in focus
  • glTF conformity of the inspector


  • Mesh primitive inspector closes if the mesh is deleted
  • Animation speed
  • Open file dialog accepting non-glTF files
  • The cmd window doesn’t always open when running on Windows
  • Handling of non power-of-two textures
  • Typing in number input fields
  • Selection in string input fields
  • Broken layout when minimizing the window
  • Crash when replacing the currently active camera
  • Disabled error sound on Windows
  • Import glTF feature on MacOS
  • Crash on MacOS when pressing shift key
  • Open file dialog accepting folders on MacOS
  • On MacOS, delete via command+backspace works now
  • Tabbing through input fields in the inspector works in correct order now
  • Camera without aspect ration will now correctly be rendered with the ratio of the viewport
  • Texture transform is only saved when necessary
  • Logger output can be copied to the clipboard
  • Rendering bug with IBL
  • Rendering of lights with infinite range
  • Focussing a node no longer marks the glTF as dirty
  • Zooming after using the free flight camera
  • Performance of file selection menu on Windows