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Gestaltor 2022.1.0


  • Edit morph target weights
  • Import options for new file formats (3ds, dxf, fbx, ply, stl, x3d, glTF 1.0)
  • Duplicate images
  • Edit copyright property 
  • Possibility to unset default scene


  • Prevent crash when resizing widgets
  • Prevent file dialogs from becoming unresponsive on Mac
  • Prevent crash when merging assets with material variants
  • Prevent crash when editing images in external software
  • Update to latest KHR_materials_iridescence version
  • Fixed OpenGL errors
  • Create mipmaps for texture filtering
  • Improved support for valid URIs
  • Fixed issue for compressed textures in combination with mipmaps
  • Unlit materials no longer ignore tone mapping
  • Copy and paste actions no longer disabled after selection from content
  • Fixed availability of certain actions directly at startup
  • Undo steps no longer erase scenes
  • Meshes created with “create Mesh” action are now reliably added to scene
  • Improved image preview
  • Removed unnecessary warnings
  • Editing images in external software no longer produces multiple undo steps
  • Enabling and disabling animations no longer causes glTF modified state
  • Fixed issue with transmission in metallic materials
  • Fixed bug where skins and bone gizmos sometimes disappear in the viewport
  • Removed option to create multiple meshes from one mesh with morph targets
  • Pop-Ups no longer stay in front of all programs
  • Fixed issues where some glTFs were not shown correctly
  • Removed possibility to create rotation animations with invalid rotation axis
  • Skin changes no longer break animations
  • Additional small UX problems fixed