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Gestaltor 2021.7.0


  • Support for KHR_materials_iridescence (experimental)
  • Support for KHR_materials_emissive_strength (experimental)
  • Support for complex assets consisting of a high number of morph targets/joints/weights
  • Handling of texcoord and color morph target attributes
  • Revisited material debug views
  • Import PBR images to a glTF 2.0 material
  • Modify textures by integrating external tools
  • Convert specular-glossiness to metallic-roughness
  • Optimize animations
  • Store minified glTF file
  • Option to recalculate indices before applying Draco mesh compression
  • Improved selection outline rendering
  • Integrated latest KHR_materials_specular specification changes


  • Memory leak with transmissive assets
  • Crash on rare occasions after switching render mode and loading a different asset
  • Draco mesh compression on shared accessors
  • Crash on undo after converting image
  • Rearranging nodes did not reflect glTF on rare occasions
  • Adding a camera from view doesn’t match viewport camera
  • KTX2 UASTC compression popup shows wrong parameters
  • Multiple scenes should be able to contain the same root nodes
  • CLI parameter handling
  • Uniform scaling in viewport
  • Handling of special characters in USDZ export
  • Handling of textures without source
  • Broken wireframe when meshes share material
  • Interleaved data is duplicated on save
  • Crash on deletion of referenced textures