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Gestaltor 2021.3.0


  • Support for KHR_materials_volume extension
  • Triangle and Vertex count reduction
  • Viewport grid
  • Primitive attributes can be deleted
  • Tangents can be generated
  • Index buffer can be generated
  • Exposure can be adjusted
  • Rendering of visual extensions can be switched on/off
  • Skinning and Morphing can be switched on/off
  • Selection of texcoord index in material


  • Updated tone mapping options
  • Align KHR_materials_specular extension with updated specification
  • Preferences widget UI
  • Several other UI issues


  • Add dragged ‘n’ dropped files to the list of recent files
  • Orthographic camera is now available in render mode
  • Having a material with textures now requires a primitive with a texcoord attribute
  • Viewport orientation can be changed without losing the current selection
  • Switching the opened scene is possible again
  • Skinning and morphing animations
  • Background color behind transmissive objects
  • Transparent objects behind transmissive objects
  • Selection outline around objects in wireframe mode