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Gestaltor 2020.4.4


  • Inspect, apply and retarget imported animations
  • New simplified sample model
  • Selection outline 
  • Added support for KHR_material_variants extension


  • General improvements to the UI
  • Complete support of ratified KHR_texture_basisu extension
  • Adapted to latest KTX2 specification fixes
  • Undo/redo responds faster for certain elements
  • Occlusion map is integrated in calculations involving not only diffuse illumination 
  • Possibility to create screenshot renderings of debug channels and wireframe render mode


  • Fixed KHR_draco_mesh_compression related bugs
  • Resolving of accessors that are used multiple times
  • Improved renderer stability
  • Visual feedback of certain tasks that have failed
  • KHR_materials_clearcoat rendering is now compliant with updated glTF specification